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Why I’m Running

Dedication to public service has shaped my career.  I taught mathematics at an inner-city high school before going on to law school and clerking for a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice.  I served as Director of Legal Research for the National Center for Juvenile Justice, providing data-driven guidance to local, state and federal policymakers to enhance equity and effectiveness in juvenile justice throughout the country. In 1991 I joined Washington County as Justice Planning Coordinator to reform the County’s criminal justice system and plan for replacement of its outdated jail facility.  The new County Jail opened in 1996, and has served the County for over 25 years without expansion – a testament to the success of the planning effort.

I have lived in Washington County for 30 years, during which I served as a performance auditor in both the public and private sectors. I have recommended improvements in public safety, transportation, education, public health, social services, healthcare delivery, animal services, sustainability, information security, affordable housing, and many other programs.  With 11 years as your elected County Auditor, I am uniquely qualified to support Washington County’s re-visioning of effective governance on behalf of all its residents.

Please support good governance with your vote to re-elect John Hutzler as Washington County Auditor on May 17th.

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John Hutzler, JD, CIA, CGAP, CCSA
Washington County Auditor