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Government should be transparent and accountable to taxpayers for what it does with our tax dollars. In my 25 years as a performance auditor, I have consistently promoted such accountability and transparency. Since you elected me as Washington County Auditor in 2010, I have dedicated myself to ensuring the county makes effective use of your tax dollars to provide the public services you need. I am running for re-election to build on my accomplishments in promoting more open, equitable, and accountable government in Washington County.

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Decades of Experience

Washington County

As your County Auditor, John pressed county administration to create an ethics hotline and audited to ensure its effectiveness.  He held county executives accountable for misuse of expense accounts, and his reports have helped to ensure your identity is not stolen when you pay County taxes or fees with a credit card, that your lost pet is well cared for in the county animal shelter, that when you need an ambulance it arrives in time, and that no one suffers or dies from lack of medical care in the county jail before they even get to trial. 

OR Department of Education

As a result of John’s efforts, the Oregon Department of Education made changes to ensure the equitable distribution of $6 billion per biennium in state school funding to local school districts, to ensure compliance with purchase card control, and to improve the accuracy of reported performance measures.  John also helped to recover $1 million in embezzled federal funds for the benefit of Oregon schools. He strengthened the internal audit function by setting up an Audit Committee, Internal Audit Charter, and audit procedure manual.

Multnomah County

In response to John’s audit recommendations, County management implemented changes to increase assistance to young mothers through the Nurse Home Visiting Program, to phase out law enforcement subsidies to cities, and to improve management of road construction projects.

John has proven his commitment to ensuring government acts in the best interest of all Washington County residents. His wisdom and vision will move us toward a more equitable and resilient future.

I experienced him to be a compassionate boss who, by his example, challenged us to develop and perform beyond our norm. Working for him has been a highlight of my 24 years of auditing.

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John Hutzler for Washington County Auditor
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